Brain Tumor Surgery

Brain tumor resections involve careful, methodical evaluation and consideration. Once a patient is diagnosed with a spinal tumor, Advanced Neurosurgery utilizes advanced imaging and a multidisciplinary team approach. We may consult radiologist, oncologist, and other specialist to provide the patient with a discussion of treatment options and ultimately come up with a treatment plan. Dr. Song performs tumor resections in areas throughout the entire spine. He can resect intraparenchymal, meningeal and pituitary tumors. Once the tumor is resected, it undergoes extensive cellular and genetic testing as directed by the hospital pathologist. If needed, Advanced Neurosurgery will also coordinate care with radiation oncology and medical oncology.

Brain tumors can arise through a number of processes with some brain tumors being a benign growth of non-functional cells, metastatic growth of a brain tissue or metastatic growth of a tumor from another portion of the body. Brain tumors can cause pathology through abnormal function of the tissue or through the mass effect exerted by the tumor. If it is determined that a tumor within the brain tissue needs to be removed due to mass effect of abnormal function of the brain tissue, then a patient will be scheduled for a minimally invasive tumor resection. Prior to surgery the patient will undergo an MRI or CT for mapping purposes. Using these images Dr. Song will be able to perform the surgery with the most minimally invasive technique and ensure the most complete resection of the mass possible. Using the tissue removed during surgery a tissue diagnosis will be made which will help out team coordinate care in the postoperative period with radiation oncology and medical oncology.

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