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Minimally Invasive
Spine Surgery

MIS Spine Surgery allows smaller incisions, potentially causing less trauma and scarring and faster recovery than traditional techniques. Dr. Song was the first neurosurgeon in Northern Nevada to perform a minimally invasive lumbar interbody fusion.

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Sciatica describes an irritation of the sciatic nerve, the largest single nerve in the
human body. Sciatic nerve irritation can result from compression of the sciatic nerve roots
or from inflammation.

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Brain Tumors

A brain tumor is an abnormal mass of tissue in which some cells grow and multiply uncontrollably, apparently unregulated by the mechanisms that control normal cells. The growth of a tumor takes up space within the skull and interferes with normal brain activity.

Our Specialties

  • Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery
  • Spine Tumor Resections
  • Spinal Fusions
  • Complex Spinal Revisions
  • Brain Aneurysm Surgery
  • Brain Tumor Surgery
  • Peripheral Nerve Disorders
  • Herniated Disc Decompression
  • Complex Spine Surgery
  • General Neurosurgery
  • Microsurgery of the Spinal Cord
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Leading the Way in
Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Advanced Neurosurgery is committed to excellence by pledging to provide the highest quality of neurosurgical care possible. Along with the treatment of immediate or chronic problems, our board certified surgeons strive to integrate the doctrine of prevention in all our treatment plans as a way to alleviate possible future difficulties.

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