Patient Testimonials

  • Ashkan A. AvatarAshkan A.

    5 star rating Let me start by saying that I have been a practicing dentist for a couple of decades in Sacramento area and I traveled to Reno for my bi-level cervical disk replacement surgery with Dr. Michael Song.
    I visited with multiple health care providers and surgeons for my much-needed surgery and overall care. From the very first moment that I met Dr. Song, I knew that he profoundly cares about his patients and his profession. He is passionate about what he does and he spends many hours in continuing education to make sure he is providing his patients with top-notch care. I immediately felt pretty confident that I wanted him to be the person to perform this very sensitive procedure on me. As you can imagine this surgery was very important to me since if the surgery did not go as planned, it could have ended my already limited practice due to all of my symptoms and the weakness I was experiencing in my dominant arm prior to surgery.
    He spent plenty of time explaining all the things I should be expecting before and after the surgery and his team was great at getting everything ready for the day of the surgery. My very complex surgery took only a bit over an hour and I almost immediately felt 100 times better. I spend a night at the hospital, followed up with 7 days of recovery, and taking my medications as recommended. On the 8thday I decided I was comfortable enough to just take the over-the-counter pain killers and saw Dr. Song for my post-op 15 days after my surgery. He too was very pleased with the outcome of the surgery and my recovery. Now, I have started my physical therapy and 4 weeks out, I feel great. I have already referred family and friends to Dr. Song and I will continue to do so. He is an amazing doctor and has a very pleasant bedside manner with the perfect amount of sense of humor. I look forward to full recovery and getting healthy again and I want to take this opportunity to publically thank Dr. Song and his team for an excellent job done. - 6/03/2021 

    David Foster AvatarDavid Foster

    Dr. Song took very good care of me. His expertise is life-saving. Thank you very much Dr. Song for your help in treating me. - 5/20/2021 

    Shelby Sandstrom AvatarShelby Sandstrom

    I definitely recommend Dr. Rajamand!! The team at Advanced Neurosurgery is so kind and helpful. Thank you all !!! - 10/19/2020 

    Kemp S. AvatarKemp S.

    5 star rating I was in DC Dr Song for a severe pain that I was having in my left eye. He and his staff are amazing. His physicians assistant Alyssa has kept up with my case even though the office is shut down for the Covid 19 and she has texted with me even on weekends to adjust the medication. I have never had a doctors office be so attentive and concerned about my condition. I highly recommend Dr Song and his office staff. - 5/09/2020 

    Trixy C. AvatarTrixy C.

    5 star rating I haven't even had my surgery yet, but I have no doubt I am in the best hands I could be in. I had no trouble getting an appt. Dr Song was very up front and professional and I appreciate his direct manner and I can tell he is someone who truly cares and wants to cure people. He explained my condition to me better than anyone ever has. No one had ever even bothered to explain my MRI's before and I appreciate he took the time to do that and answer all my questions. Jolie is amazing and has stayed on top of everything with the insurance, pre-op appts and all other logistics, just like, a total pro. I don't know why people have said it's hard to get in or whatever. The office staff did a fine job. - 1/11/2020 

    Joseph W. AvatarJoseph W.

    5 star rating dr. song is a great neurosurgeon, but his office staff WAS not doing their job until they brought in a new office manager....the old manager was only working part time and it showed......the new one takes a pride in her job and it shows .....she dose the fallow-up that it takes
    I have only worked with Dr. song, Beate McGhee nurse practitioner, and the new office manager Tiff. and I'm happy with the whole team NOW.... - 4/24/2019 

    Amy McKinney AvatarAmy McKinney

    Dr. Song is amazing! He has taken great care of me over the last 5 years. I needed both lumbar fusion and cervical fusion. He listens to his patients and goes above and beyond to make sure the care received is the best! There is nothing better than waking up after surgery without the pain you had! His office staff is very responsive and takes care of things in the time frame they tell you. If you need to have spinal surgery, Dr. Song is the best! - 3/18/2019 

    Jarrod Lopiccolo AvatarJarrod Lopiccolo

    Dr. Mike Song is a great neurosurgeon. I would recommend him to anyone needing back surgery. - 11/14/2018 

    Ali B. AvatarAli B.

    5 star rating Dr. Michael Song is a fabulous neurosurgeon because of his unbeatable skills and expertise. His methods were advanced yet conservative compared to other neurosurgeons in the area. My dad was having back pain at the age of 84 and we thought that due to his age surgery may not be an option. Dr. Song was willing to perform a specialized procedure we didn't hear about at any other offices we had previously gone to when exploring other surgical options. His procedures are minimally invasive and effective in eliminating pain. His post-operative pain control was stellar and my dad was walking and pain free almost immediately post-op. Thank you Dr. Song and the management team at Advanced Neurosurgery for all of your kindness, help and expertise.


    The Behnoud Family - 9/29/2016 

    Natalia L. AvatarNatalia L.

    4 star rating Dr. Song is a very attentive, intelligent & compassionate doctor. His practice is very busy due to his high demands. The front office management could use more assistance during the busy business hours & the receptionist could be more versed in conducting her responsibilities, but overall I am satisfied with the service that he provides. - 5/13/2015 

“There are no words to describe the great care you give. Our family is ever grateful.”
Gianna J.

“Dr song is an outstanding surgeon! I will be forever grateful for my improved mobility and function of my lower extremities. I came into his office in a wheel chair and after just 6 weeks I was able to leave on my own 2 feet!”
J. Albertson

“Very thankful for the entire staff of Advanced Neurosurgery. I underwent back surgery prior to seeing Dr. Song. A second surgery by Dr. Song has provided excellent results and given me renewed hope for a pain free future. My symptoms did not present as much on imaging prior to surgery. However, Dr. Song listened and with evaluation, he proceeded with surgery. Seeing the increased need for what needed to be done, he took the time during my operation, to provide excellent results. I feel he is a very meticulous surgeon and am extremely happy with the outcome. I cannot thank him enough.”
B. Stukey

“Dr. Song, in my eyes is a top notch surgeon. I have to say that when I first came to him many years ago. Dr. Song did everything to help me to get to surgery prior to a trip to Alaska for my daughter’s wedding. Without Dr. Song, I would have no quality of life, but after Dr. Song I am able to enjoy traveling.”

“Dr. Song is as good as it gets. I had 2 prior surgeries with another doctor and they failed. I had terrible arm pain and numbness along with breathing issues. I came to see Dr. Song for a consult and had surgery with him.I am so much better now. It’s like magic.”
R. Alter

“Dr. Song and his team are amazing! I always said I will NEVER have surgery on my back, but the pain just got worse. I knew as soon as I woke up from surgery that Dr. Song had fixed me! He changed my life from non-functioning and always in pain to being able to return to normal activities pain free. All of the staff has been amazing to work with. Thank you Dr. Song!”

“I don’t normally give ratings, reviews or anything like this, but felt it was important in this case because Dr. Song is so “amazing”. I have been suffering with arm and shoulder pain for a few years. Finally it became too much, went to the doctor to find out it wasn’t my shoulder at all, it was my neck. I went to three different doctors, one of which was Dr Song. I was informed of the surgical alternatives and any invasive procedures would be the last resort. Most of them were recommending a fusion, except for Dr song which suggested a disk replacement (Mobi-C) which I think is less invasive and I would have a better outcome in the long run. Within a week I felt pretty normal and started doing some of my daily chores. Dr Song, treated me competently, conservatively and professionally. He is my HERO!!”
Denice C.

“I was in excruciating pain for a long time and tried every conservative measure available to me, while sinking lower and lower into total disability. Physical therapy, bizarre medications, epidurals, alternative approaches, nothing worked. I couldn’t sit, lie down, drive, dress myself…..There was no conceivable way I would be able or willing to live out my life at that level of utter pain and despair, and then I switched to Dr. Song, Advanced Neurosurgery. It took him all of about two minutes to see that my films had not been read properly by others, and where I was headed without immediate intervention. Absolutely everyone I encountered in person and via telephone in his practice has been a total jewel. Scheduling, reception, the business office, all the medical staff….and of course Doctor Song himself. Not only is he truly the very best, he deeply cares, and it is apparent. My very first visit to the Carson City office, I was in tears and terrified of “back surgery”. The waiting room was packed, the overall energy in that collection of patients was one of hope, good spirits, patience and cheer. I sensed that everyone there felt fortunate to be in that room, despite the wait time and their personal issues. It still seems that way now when I have my follow up appointments. I have been healed, fixed, I have my life back, and will be forever thankful to this team of professionals. Both of my parents have been surgically treated by Dr. Song, and feel the very same. He saved my mother’s life, and as far as I am concerned, there isn’t another physician or practice I would turn to, should I need his specialty in the future. Everyone is different of course, this is just part of my story, but I can tell you that I am almost two months out of surgery and take absolutely no medication whatsoever. There are simply not enough words of thanks and respect to all these people for turning my terrible and frightening experience of utter hopelessness into joy and healing.”
Lisa Bommarito, Genoa Nevada

“These are my everyday shoes, my cycling shoes, my weightlifting shoes, my hiking boots, my XC backcountry ski boots, my XC skate boots, my XC classic ski boots and my snowshoes. Before my surgery with Dr. Song, I could not put on any footwear. Now I am having fun with all these sports shoes. My eternal gratitude to the Advanced Neurosurgery team and to Dr. Michael Song, now I can play again!”
Virginia C.

“As the result of a car accident, I had back issues which resulted in: back, leg, calf, ankle and foot pain. At times my back pain was excruciating and I was losing feeling in my leg. Dr. Song told me he could relieve 95% of my pain. I would have been happy with 50%. I am thrilled to say, that after my surgery, I have no more pain. I have gained strength in my leg and no longer walk with a limp.

I was in pain for 3 years and after listening to my physical therapist, I finally made an appointment to see Dr. Song. One of the best decisions I ever made!”
Larry L.

“Before surgery the pain was unbearable, now I enjoy a pain free life. I recommend everyone I know who is having back pain to go see Dr. Song. He is the best!”
Roberta C.

“I consulted with Dr. Song following a recommendation by another neurosurgeon in Southern California to fuse my C3 & C4 due to the long term effects of my rheumatoid arthritis. I had recently moved here and preferred to have all of my doctors local to me.

After a good deal of research, I decided to schedule an appointment with Advanced Neurosurgery. I was first interviewed by Heather the PA. She was quite thorough and detailed in determining my physical capabilities. Dr. Song not only confirmed the prior opinion, but went on to describe the risks and benefits of the proposed surgery in great detail. He answered my questions fully and instilled a great deal of confidence that I was making a good decision. What further impressed me was the interest Dr Song and Heather took in me as an individual. This is a trait too seldom seen in medicine today and I commend them for taking the extra time to connect with their patients.

My personal experience with the surgery was quite positive and I was up and walking within hours of the completion and back on my 5 mile per day walking routine within two days of discharge. I continue to be active with no resulting physical difficulty. I have had no further deterioration of my neuropathy and believe the intended result has been fully achieved.

Dr Song and Heather are a great team. They kept me fully informed and more importantly keep one another on top of my needs.”
Ronald D.

“He is absolutely amazing. I couldn’t do anything before my back surgery. I would just lay in bed all day. With my back fixed I can garden, shop, walk my dogs, swim, anything!“
Tina K.

“Dr. Song saved my life. I went to the ER and was sent home with a “stomach bug” only to return two days later by ambulance after my husband found me face down on the floor with a massive brain bleed. I know I would have died without Dr. Song and am so grateful to him and can enjoy my life with my husband and kids.“
Theda L.

“How do you thank someone for giving you your life back!?! At the time of my first appointment with Dr. Song I had lost almost all faith in the medical profession. I had several doctors and a surgeon leave me far worse than when I started. As my appointment with Dr. Song came to an end I knew I had found the hope I needed. Not only did Dr. Song understand what I had been through but respected it. I knew Dr. Song wanted to help me. He did not over promise. He said he felt he could help me and he did so much more than I ever thought possible! The pain I had suffered from for years is gone. The discomfort of recovering from a C3 to C7 surgery is no walk in the park but so worth it! My surgery was December 30, 2014 and there hasn’t been a day that I haven’t said a silent (sometimes not so silent) Thank you Dr. Song!”
Kathe Brintnall
Sparks, Nevada

“I was first sent to Dr. Song with a neck injury, after the MRI I was told he wouldn’t do surgery until it had to. That was two years later. At that point working as a Contractor was impossible. We tried all other methods of treatment before I had surgery. This Dr. is amazing, so caring and thoughtful. My recovery was very easy, not to say there wasn’t pain. I am now back to work part time, and getting on with my life. He is the only person I would go to.”
Craig Bourgeois

“I truly believe Dr. Song is an excellent and top notch neurosurgeon and definitely improved my quality of life.”
Lisa F.

“Best [email protected] thing I ever had done!

After suffering from neck/shoulder problems from the ’80s and lower back problems from the ’90s, things finally get to the point where I am having constant pain/numbness primarily in the lower back and one leg.

After MRIs of both neck and lumbar regions, a series of physical therapy sessions and epidurals are prescribed to see if symptoms will improve. Instead, symptoms worsen. Dr. Song recommends a plated fusion C4-C7 first, then an L4-L5 ILIF. My discomfort is such that I want the lumbar surgery immediately or sooner! My neck, on the other hand, is not doing nearly as poorly. As a result, I “panic” at the recommendation of the neck surgery first. It takes me about a week to overcome my fear of the neck surgery and make the decision that I trust Dr. Song and need to follow his recommendations. Bottom line: Either I trust Dr. Song, or what am I going to him for?

Surgeries are scheduled. Neck comes first followed 3 weeks later by the lumbar. Both surgeries go well. I’m in and out of the hospital in less that 24 hours after the neck surgery, and in less than 36 hours after the lumbar surgery. In neither case does this feel rushed.

The pre surgery lumbar pain/numbness is gone. I walk approximately five miles on the hospital floor the morning after the lumbar surgery. Probably not the smartest thing, but it feels so darn good! In fact I experience only very minor pain after the surgeries.

The primary discomfort I do experience is from the neck and back braces which are worn for 6 weeks after the respective surgeries.

Once the braces both are off, I go through a period of physical therapy to build my strength, regain motion, and in general get myself stretched out.

End result of surgeries is complete elimination of lumbar/leg pain and numbness, and the end of a perpetual shoulder/neck muscle spasm that I had endured for 20+ years.

My neck motion is slightly limited up or down (I can no longer look down enough to see my belt buckle. I don’t have a belly to help.), but I have actually gained side to side range.

I have not noticed any significant lumbar limitation.

I have started cycling again for the first time in 15 years. I have nearly 1,000 miles on a recumbent trike, and have ambitions to seriously increase this mileage in the future.

It is now approaching one year after my surgeries. I have required no pain relievers of any type since out of the braces. I am functioning great and, in my mid fifties, enjoying a physically active life again. THANK YOU DR. SONG!!!”
Michael J. Pryzbylo

“My case was somewhat different. I wrecked while racing my motorcycle in the longest off-road race in the U.S., Vegas to Reno, in August 2011. It was my 40th birthday. I shrugged the crash off, got back on the bike, finished the race and our team won our class. True story.

I tried to ignore my numbness and tingling in my right arm, until about a week later I realized my right arm was at about 50% strength. I went to the local hospital and we realized I had fractured C6. The E.R. doctor and myself researched and found that Dr. Song came highly recommended. Dr. Song was apprised of the situation and agreed to see me the following morning as my injury was unstable.

I saw him the following morning following further studies (MRI), and he agreed to operate that day. He assured me that he could fix me and that all the accompanying troubles — lack of arm strength, numbness, tingling — would heal. By 5pm that afternoon, Dr. Song had installed a plate in my neck and fused C5 and C6. He consistently assured me that I would be nearly 100% within a few months, the strength would return to my arm and more. I doubted the slow process, but he was right.

In the two years that have followed Dr. Song’s treatment, I quickly recovered to nearly 100% of my range of motion and strength. I am a very active individual: I am a physical trainer for CrossFit, race offroad motorcycles, ski, mountain bike and rock climb and have returned to 100% in each of these activities. I have almost NO deficit post-accident and since Dr. Song’s brilliant work. Thank you Dr. Song!!”
Nils Davis

“Having Dr. Song as my surgeon has truly changed my life, he made my quality of life go from barely walking to ride a bike at over 20 miles an hour. This doctor’s goal is for you to be the best you can be and he will do everything in his ability to make that happen surgically. I am so grateful I trusted him to fix my back and give me my life back. I will always be thankful.”
Holly Corgan

“After 20+ years of slowly deteriorating lumbar spine joints and discs, I finally got to the point where I was partially paralyzed and had lost control of my bladder. I went to Dr. Song for surgery to see how much of this could be corrected. By this point the issue was pretty complex, and Dr. Song did a 5 level laminectomy from L1 to S1, with medial facetectomies and bilateral foramenotomies at each level. As a doctor myself, I knew a surgery this extensive would be a tough one to bounce back from, and I expected at least a few months to full recovery. Was I ever pleasantly surprised! I was out of bed and walking within 5 days and by 8 days post-op I was back to my normal activity level with only a very minimum of pain. I am now 30 days post-op and for all intents and purposes, I am completely recovered I am in better shape now than I have been in for more than 15 years. In my opinion Dr. Song is one of the most technically competent surgeons I have ever met. I can only attribute my remarkable recovery to the fact that Dr. Song did everything just right. I would recommend anyone with lumbar spine issues to see Dr. Song, he has my absolute faith in his surgical skills. I hope your results are as remarkable as mine. Thanks.”
John Holliday

“Following my surgery, I was moved to a hospital room for a recovery period. During this stay I was provided, on demand pain medication, as required for my level of pain. My level of pain following the surgery was (0) zero, and as a result, no pain medication was required for the full time of hospital recovery. I never had to take any pain medication throughout my recovery. The only pain I experienced was from the ‘stiff neck-brace’ which I had to wear, continually for 5 weeks. I was given a different style, more comfortable, hard brace for the remaining three weeks. I can only have praise for such a pain-free recovery. If this is a ‘normal’ occurrence for post-surgery patience’s, it should be credited to the level of excellence of Dr. Song’s procedure. I am one very satisfied surgical patient.”
George Chermak

“He’s the best! He cured my pre-operative pain completely. I have no pain in my neck and no more tingling in my arms. In fact, I liked him so much, I had my husband have his surgery with him too! I would recommend Dr. Song to any and everyone who needs to have this type of surgery. He truly went above and beyond.”
Lori Juhl

“For five years I lived with ever-increasing pain that began in my upper back, eventually traveling to my arms and my neck. It awoke me from a sound sleep, I could no longer drive comfortably or perform many household tasks. At times I needed both hands to pick up my coffee cup. Narcotic pain meds left me dazed and exhausted.

Eventually my physical therapist suggested seeing a neurosurgeon, recommending Dr. Song. I learned that he was highly respected and an M.D. friend of mind said that if he ever needed spine surgery, Dr. Song would be his first (and only) choice! That was all the confirmation I needed and Dr. Song did my surgery shortly thereafter. Once again, I’m able to do things I’d given up on—walking my dog, riding my bike, “light” gardening, and most housework. Dr. Song gave my life back and I feel as if I’m in my energetic 50’s again. Oh, did I mention I’m actually 77!

Every day I bless Dr. Song and his expertise, as his knowledge and talents have helped so many folks.”
S. M. Schwartz

“I want to thank Dr. Song for how promptly he got to the hospital. It was an emergency and he was on call but he really went out of his way for me and my wife. He did a great job and I was never in pain after surgery. We were just very pleased with his professionalism and how much he cares about his patients. He remembered things that most doctors don’t. He didn’t get out of surgery until 1am and Dr. Song called my wife at the motel room to let her know how I was doing. He answers all of your questions, takes time with his patients and it was just a real pleasure. We’re very happy with the outcome of surgery.”
Kay Robert Anderson

“Dr. Song is miraculous! I was in so much agony it was unbelievable. From a couple hours after surgery I was up and walking around. I could hardly even walk before surgery. I don’t know where he got his training but it was good. It was better from the moment I woke up, and I’m thankful for that.”
Noble Gabrielson

“I want to thank you so much for giving me my life back. The surgery went well; I was up six hours after surgery walking the halls of the hospital. Now I am back to work, and able to hike the beautiful Sierras. I went back to work one week after the surgery, and I was able to start doing good hikes at about week three. Now I am hiking up to seven hard miles in the mountains each outing.

I went to so many doctors before I found you. None of them could figure out what my spinal problem was, and none of them really believed that anything could be done to help me. Thanks so much for taking away that terrible pain.”
Jan Clover

“My name is Richard Garren, age 74, and this past Sept 18th, 2012 Dr. Song operated on my back. Lumbar 1 Thru 5, which happened to be my fifth surgery in that area, but the first with Dr. Song. All the previous surgeries were mostly done by LSI ( Laser Spine Institute ) in Florida and Arizona, the last being one year ago which was a complete disaster. They operated two times in one week and I came home worse than when I went down there. They had no explanation as to why it didn’t work. I still had severe lower back and hip pain and was taking Oxycodiene and Morphine just to get through the days.

Dr. Song said he could fix my back and I was skeptical, with due cause, because of my previous attempts. After surgery I immediately felt very little pain in my back and none in my hips. I got up the first day and started walking. I was released the next day and have been walking ever since. Before surgery I could only walk about ten yards. I have since worked my way up to one mile and working on longer distances (I haven’t walked that far for the last five years!) Dr. Song has given me my life back and I am looking forward to doing things that I haven’t been able to do for many years! I highly recommend Dr. Song.”
Richard Garren

“I am a heavy equipment operator for the mines and I can do my job now without pain. I can do all kinds of stuff now I couldn’t do before. I can stretch and reach way back behind my head when I wake up in the morning. My 24 year old son says he’d never seen me do that in his lifetime. I can work again. I’ve even worked 14 days in a row since surgery! Not taking any pain meds either!”
John Wayne Monahan

“I had low back pain that radiated down my legs for years. I met with Dr. Song. He explained what was causing the pain and described the surgical procedure necessary to correct the problem. I left his office feeling comfortable about the surgery that he recommended for my back. The surgery was a complete success. Everything went like he explained to me. Within six weeks after the surgery I felt fantastic with no pain.”
Sal Russo, Minden, NV

“I can’t thank Dr. Song enough for performing L4, L5, S1 fusion on me. I fought back pain for 20 years. I went through several sessions of physical therapy, epidurals, etc. Before my surgery not only were my activities drastically limited, my every day was controlled with Oxycontin and Norco.
Now I am pain free! My wife and friends talk about the spring I have in my walk and how differently I move. I wish a would have found Dr. Song years ago.”
Michael Nagy, Smith, NV

“I can enthusiastically recommend Dr. Song. My back surgery could not have gone better. From extremely painful and unable to do anything I was used to doing, to back to my life all in 5 months. I found him to be a quick, efficient and a fantastic surgeon.

My family waited for him post surgery and he took the time to explain to them the procedure, results etc. He answered all of their questions and was extremely kind.”
Conrad Polly

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you so very much for giving me my life back. I have not felt this strong or more like myself since I was injured. I feel strongly that your wisdom and talent as a neurosurgeon is the reason that I am able to live my life fully again.

Whenever I hear of someone with a back issue I recommend you to them with great confidence.”
Susan Dale

“Dr. Song had done surgery on my back in 2004. At the time, I couldn’t stand straight and was in extreme pain. As a result of surgery, I am still standing straight and tall and have absolutely no pain 7 years later! Just wanted you to know how wonderful I feel and how grateful I am to you.”
Marjorie Cutler

“Dr. Song gave me my life back! I have no more pain and I’m completely back to normal. He saved me, I couldn’t have asked him for anything more.”
Robert Emehiser

“From the end of April until my surgery on December 6th I suffered sciatic nerve pain, which forced me to use a walker. I tried many alternatives to surgery which included two epidurals, physical therapy, water therapy, and acupuncture. None relieved the pain. I finally decided that I was treating symptoms not the root problem. It was then I went to see Dr. Song (not without some trepidation regarding a back operation, and my concern over staph infections in hospitals). I was immediately impressed with his professional manner and his description of the procedure. The operation was a breeze. His staff was extremely considerate, attentive and professional. I would recommend Dr. Song highly to anyone suffering from sciatic pain. Thanks.”
Bob Buss

“Approximately two years ago, the side effects of Spinal Scoliosis and those of an automobile accident over 15 years ago, I reached a point where simple over the counter painkillers were no longer allowing me to half way participate in an average life style. Up to that point, I had lead a very active life style with my husband, our five grown children, 10 grandchildren and my work for the State of Nevada and Washoe County in Child Protective Services. I had gone to chiropractors, started to take prescription medicine on a limited basis at night because of my job and the pain continued to get worse. My primary care physician referred me to a pain management specialist and after having numerous spinal epidurals, and a nerve reduction; I was referred to Dr. Song.

From our first meeting, Dr. Song was very understanding, compassionate and caring. You genuinely felt that he was concerned and wanted to help correct the problem.

At our first consultation, it was explained that surgery was not an option that would help alleviate the pain I was having. Instead, Dr. Song recommended a Spinal Cord Stimulator, a device that would help by blocking the pain signals to the brain.

I, like many others, went to work researching Dr. Song’s recommendation and found that there had been great success with this procedure. And after a follow-up consultation, it was agreed that the Spinal Cord Stimulator would be the best option.

After the surgery at Renown Medical Center, and some time at home to recover, I was able to start performing some of the activities that I had been forced to give up.

Dr. Song has given me my life back. I am able once again to walk continuously while shopping at stores, stand and cook meals, do house work, go on fun trips once again and participate in activities with my grandchildren and family.

Dr. Song, along with his staff and his recommended affiliation of Bio Metrics and their wonderful medical device, I am living a normal lifestyle again and strongly recommend him to anyone looking to ease their pain and regain their life.”
Shelis Forant

“I am feeling so good! I now am able to sit on the floor and play with my 18 month old grandson. I can’t believe I can bend and move without pain. I was in so much pain prior to surgery it was unbelievable. My family tells me to slow down, they can’t keep up with me now! Dr. Song was the best recommendation to help me. I am very, very thankful.”
Sylvia Caires

“I am very pleased with my surgery. My back is wonderful and I have never felt better!”
Mary Minster

“Dr. Song saved my life and I can’t speak enough about him. He is wonderful. I’ve talked to other people who have had surgery like this and they had a lot of problems, but I haven’t had those. The whole office, you guys are great!”
Kathy Brondel

“I’ll never forget that moment when you found where the pain is and you said that “I can fix that”. I woke up from anesthesia and felt no pain. I am very pleased with everything.”
Herold Rutherford

“Dr. Song has a great attitude and his hands are in God’s hands. He took away my pain and my neck healed beautifully. The whole office is great. The best experience I’ve ever had was the result of the surgery.”
Mary Frank

“First of all everyone should know that Dr Song is not my brother-law. He is a gifted neurosurgeon who gave me back my life.

In August 2009 while patrolling the back country in Yosemite National Park my left hand started going numb. Followed by severe pain in my arm, shoulder, and neck that kept me up all night, I felt my life as I knew it was coming to an end. My wife and I are long distance bicyclist and backpackers (bicycled across the United States and Canada, hiked the Appalachian and parts of the Pacific Crest Trail). How was I going to put on a 50 pound pack and hike again!!

So who do you call, who do you trust your life with?? What do you do?? Here’s what I did… I found a neurologist in Reno, NV. After explaining my symptoms he said if it was him he would go to a Dr Song. Now maybe Dr Song is his brother-in-law but I can tell you Dr Song changed my life.

Dr Song treated me with respect, replaced two disks in my neck, and gave me excellent follow up treatment. Now I can put on my backpack, hop on my bike, and live my life pain free. For you that are reading this and are still not sure, my phone number is available through Dr Song’s office. I would be happy to talk to you anytime. I promise not to give you a “song and dance” but the real thing!!”
John Curd

“I had a fuse and plate on two vertebrae in my neck. Went in to surgery at 7:30 A.M. on a Wednesday and, literally, walked out of the hospital at 4:30 that afternoon. Dr. Song told me to wear the neck brace if I experienced any discomfort. My total use of the brace was about 3 hours. I did not use pain killers beyond normal OTC pain relief and because of that, I was able to drive myself when I went back to work the following Monday morning. The entire procedure simply was far better than anything I could have hoped for and I could not be more satisfied with my experience. Thank you Dr. Song.”
Lynn Hettrick

“Words do not describe Dr. Song. He is a true miracle worker. I went to him in so much pain I could hardly move. He gave me a long extensive exam and explained the procedure he would use to fuse my neck. He never hurried me or made me feel like I was only a number to him. He could sense my hesitation to have this surgery. I had heard so many horror stories from others I was not sure this was for me. His first words to me were “How can I help you”.

I have complete confidence in Dr. Song. he is so caring and thoughtful. He kept my family updated with my progress and answered everyone’s questions with patience and honesty.

I had be suffering for many years and I was totally unaware of how limited my life had become. I can now do more than I have been able to do in years. I was pain free the moment I woke up in the hospital. The relief can not be measured in simple words. Even the inconvenience of wearing the neck brace 24/7 during the recuperation was a small thing to feel as good as I do now. I would never hesitate to recommend Dr. Song and I would do anything he recommended as I know he puts his patients first.

He is a wonderful doctor. Thank you Dr Song and thanks to all your wonderful staff.”
Rosemarie Nelson

“I first hurt my back at a building fire when the 3rd floor collapsed, dropping me down into the basement area close to 50 years ago. A chiropractor put my back into “place” and fortunately, I had no broken bones. I continued to have visitations to the chiropractor until I retired from the fire fighting professional after 39 years. I had a couple other accidents that affected my back and neck after retiring and the chiropractor’s work on me didn’t seem to help. Therapy didn’t help. Epidural shots worked for a period of time then wore off. My back pain became very acute – I could not stand for more than 5-10 minutes without sitting down. Walking any distance was out of the question. I could not find a pair of shoes that would help levitate any of the back pain.

At 70 yrs old, I became the primary care-giver for my step-grandson who was a “preemie” and needed all the love and care I could possibly give him. I knew that I would not be able to lift him when he got much older. I was at my wits end when my primary doctor (Dr. Elliott) recommended me to a pain management doctor (Dr. Mureo). After a MRI and x-rays it was decided that I should see a neurosurgeon and recommended Dr. Song.

I was quite apprehensive to see him since all the doctors over the years have said that back surgery should be the last venue to take since you rarely get better. After visiting with Dr. Song, I was put at ease especially after I ask him ‘what would be the worst case scenario’s? His response, with a smile was ‘death – but you don’t want that do you’? We both laughed. He ask me what was I expecting from the surgery. I replied that at the present time with a pain level of 9-10 out of a scale of 10, I would be happy with a 3-4. He again smiled and told me I was his kind of patient and that I would most certainly have that level and possibly better than that.

The surgery went like clock-work. When I went home from the hospital a couple days later, I was extremely sore, but noticed any pain as I had before the surgery. As the days progressed, the soreness became less and less. 7 months has passed and I am completely free from back pain. I can work in the yard as well as in my workshop but most importantly, I am able to wrestle around on the floor with my grandson, lift him and carry him – even though he weighs 45 lbs now. We go for long walks (him on his small bike and me walking along). My happy life has been returned to me by Dr. Song. I told him that he is very close to where I see God!

Dr. Song’s staff, receptionist, secretary, nurses, and his assistants are very professional and are very nice people. I would not hesitate to have Dr. Song be my surgeon again and I certainly recommend him to every person that needs surgery. Dr. Song is the BEST.”
Derwin Brown

“There are no words to tell you how grateful and thankful I am for what you have given me. I appreciate all that you have and continue to do for me. You are amazing with helping and saving people. Thank you…

I believe we are in places for a reason. I just came here in July 2009 taking a job with the state of Nevada. I was also in training to do volunteer work with Carson City CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates… for children) before finding out I had the tumor. Other than the job, I now know an important reason for being here. Sometimes we never know. Now that I have a new opportunity… I will do my best to give back to life what has been given to me. If there is ever anything that I can do to help anyone, please just ask! Thank you.

Previous to coming here, I had been a Child Protective Services Social Worker and a Substitute Teacher. I obtained a BS in Social Psychology in March 2008 and have been working on my Master of Psychology. Before all this happened I was struggling with my work and education…it was difficult for me to concentrate, remember things and stay focused. All this was so gradual, I thought it was old age; never occurred to me that something was wrong. Even though I struggled, I worked hard to keep my grades up, do my best with my job, and continue to help others. After receiving my MS I would like to teach community college level Psychology. My dream was to one day be a Marriage and Family Therapist, however I felt I could not achieve this with the difficulties, I was having with my concentration, memory, my inability to stay focused, etc. I feel now that the tumor is gone; I have a wonderful opportunity to do better than ever. Thank you, Dr. Song, for giving me these opportunities! I may even go for my PhD :). This all feels more promising than ever before. Besides my education and desire to give back and help others. I also have a wonderful family. I still have my mother, five children and 12 grandchildren, beside many other family members. I am so thankful and grateful you have given me the chance to give them the love that I have for them. Thank you.

Another thing… I cannot think of anyone, other than you that I would want to operate on me. We discussed the fatty tumors on my lower back. If I ever need those removed or anything else, I would want you to do the surgery. Since you are a neurosurgeon, I did not think you would do them; but if you will than you are the only doctor I would want. Thank you.

You also have the most wonderful staff. They have always been so patient with me and all my questions and concerns, which I realize I have had many. Some of them have been because I am alone and all my family are away from here. Also, I now understand the steroids have induced some of my fears. Those seem to be subsiding some as the steroids are subsiding. Please tell your staff thank you and how much I appreciate their caring and patience with me. They all are awesome, Tony and Kim have gone above and beyond. You and your staff have helped me to understand and feel much more comfortable. I have already told several people what a wonderful doctor you are, and what a great staff you have, you are the best and I highly recommend you. Thank you and for your wonderful staff.

This has been quite an experience for me, yet I was never afraid of the surgery. After meeting you and how well you explained everything; you helped me understand and feel very comfortable. After my surgery, my family told me how impressed they are with you and how wonderful you were about talking with them and explaining all that happened with me after my surgery. Thank you.

I realize I am very fortunate and am very grateful for what has been given to me! Thank you again for taking such good care of me, and also for giving me the opportunity to have the life I want and to be able to give back whatever I can.”
Rae Hunter

“My surgery with Dr. Song was incredible. I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out but I am very happy with everything. I did not need to be on medication very long, recovered quickly and have minimal side effects, if any. Dr. Song’s staff is great, especially his receptionists who try very hard to answer questions and make you feel at ease. I would recommend Dr. Song to anyone who has back problems. Thanks again.”
Ruben Bankston

“Dr. Michael Song operated on me three times.

In August of 2008, he performed laminectomies on L2-L5. In September of that year, he fused C5-C7. On December 30, I went on an month-long adventure trip to Antarctica aboard a Russian ship with a Russian crew leased to an Australian travel company. I survived being tossed about in the latitudes of the Furious Forties, the Fearsome Fifties, the Screaming Sixties, and the Surging Seventies on a 79-meter ice-hardened ship.

In April 2009, after I had a 2-week episode of extreme pain and difficulty walking, Dr. Song fused L3-L4. I was already scheduled to have that surgery 4 weeks later, but because of the severity of my problems, Dr. Song moved my surgery closer by a month and performed it on a Sunday morning. He apologized for not having been able to do it sooner.

And now I’m the best I’ve been in years. Besides running up and down the stairs of my three-story house numerous times a day, I hike and snowshoe, and I can sit through a meeting or a movie without pain.”
Diane McCall

“After reviewing MRI images of my cervical spine Dr. Song performed a thorough exam and determined surgery would be necessary to eliminate the possibility that a minor accident or injury could result in severe spinal cord injury.

Dr. Song thoroughly explained the procedure, which would involve the installation of a titanium plan and screws to reinforce the cervical spine.

Surgery was performed without complication and recovery was quick and pain free.

Dr. Song’s competence and experience provide patient confidence and assures positive results.”
Roy Nelson, Reno, NV

“Doctor Song has been a blessing in my life. Truly one of those Angels God places in your life when he is so needed.

While I have had a lifelong history of being in pain with cluster headaches and fibromyalgia, I began to have problems with my balance – falling down a lot for no reason – even out of bed while I was just sitting down. Also I began passing out. I was losing feeling in my toes, and they were cold to me, but felt normal to the touch.

At that time, at the end of September and early October, my condition seemed to be deteriorating daily. An MRI only showed a bulging disc in my lower back.

I saw Dr. Kiser, my primary doctor, this time in a wheelchair, as I could no longer walk. Dr. Kiser sent me to S. Meadows for another MRI.

This MRI indicated that T9 and T10 discs were in bad shape – I was becoming paralyzed.

I was to go to Renown Emergency immediately as Dr. Song was waiting for me to perform surgery as soon as possible. We, my parents and I, were told this was a very difficult surgery. We feared the worst. After many hours of surgery, my parents waiting and praying, they met with Dr. Song, (who I am sure was exhausted) took the time to sit down and talk with them. The thought he left them with was that “He did the very best he could!”

Well, I believe he did because I am now walking. My parents call this “A Christmas Miracle”. I can never thank Dr. Song enough for creating this miracle for me.

I am already recommending him to everyone I talk to.”
Cheryl Seroski

“On March 2nd, 2009, I had surgery at Renown Hospital in Reno, NV for Spinal Stenosis. My surgeon was Dr. Michael Song.

I have been having a lot of pain in my lower back and down my leg and really almost unbearable pain in my left ankle, could no stand for any length of time without my left leg feeling numb. I started having the epidural shots a few years ago, the first one lasted about five months. Each one after that was a little shorter. It got to where they were only lasting a few weeks., I knew I needed to do something else.

I had a friend who I had not talked to in a while and I knew she had back surgery. So I called my friend and asked how she was doing and who did her surgery and was she happy with the results. She was very happy, no more pain. Her doctor was Dr. Song/ I was thinking about it the next day when she called and told me she just received a flier in the mail from his office and he was going to have a seminar on spinal stenosis. I got the number and called and made reservation for my husband and myself. I was very impressed with the seminar and how he presented it. After a slideshow he answered all the questions everyone asked and did not rush through. I also liked his mannerism.

The next day I called to make an appointment with him and they set me up for an MRI, and a date to see him. In the meanwhile it was Christmas and I was having a sit down dinner for thirty-two. But I had a lot of help. When we saw Dr. Song, he old me the surgery I wanted he could not do because my back was really in a bad way, he had the MRI there and showed it to us. It did not look very good. If I had come in three or four years before he could have done that surgery. I was very disappointed, I asked if he could help me at all and he said yes he could, with a ninety to ninety percent recovery. He wanted me to go home and talk it over with my husband and daughters and let him know. I knew I wanted it. I called the next day and we made the arrangements. It has been four months since my surgery and I have not and I have not had any pain in my back, my legs, or ankle. Every once in a while I have a small pain on the sole of my left foots. That is all. I had to use a walker for about three to four weeks. I am pain free, have some stiffness in my lower back, I am sure that will go away in time. I feel very fortunate that I learned about Dr. Song, he has changed my lifestyle for the better and I would recommend him to anyone. If, and I hope not, I have to ever have to have more surgery or anyone in my family needs back surgery I will take them to Dr. Song.

PS He is a very nice and friendly man also.”
Carolann Guerette

“After my neck surgery I feel great! Thank you Dr. Song – I can dance again!”
Jacqueline Wight

“In April of 2009 Dr. Michael Song performed advanced neurosurgery surgery of my lower spine. Prior to the surgery I had severe pain in back and upper right leg. I tried physical therapy, chiropractics, and finally spinal injections. None of these treatments had any effect on relieving my pain. Everywhere I went medical professionals advised not to get surgery because it wasn’t lasting and in few years I would just need it again.

Finally, my doctor referred me to Dr. Song. I took my pain, X-rays, and MRI images to him. I was astonished to learn that Dr. Song was completely confident that one revolutionary surgical procedure would fix my problem.

We went forward with the surgery. Dr. Song repaired my degenerative disk in my spine without having to fuse any bone tissue. Today I am living my life with little or no pain and it keeps getting better every day.”
Mike Briggs

“After suffering severe lower back pain for several years my family doctor finally recommended seeing a neurologist. Somehow the surgeon gods were smiling down upon me because I found myself sitting in Dr. Song’s office. After quickly and accurately diagnosing my degenerative disc disease he made clear, in an easy to understand manner, my options. There was a small piece of my disc that was crushing a nerve against my vertebrae. He recommended surgery to trim the small piece of disc away from the nerve but also explained that with degenerative disc disease the disc slowly degenerates and that there were signs of degeneration of other disc. I decided to go ahead with the surgery as the pain was becoming unbearable. When I awoke from anesthesia I was pain free. Shortly thereafter Dr. Song walked in with a big smile on his face and asked how I was doing and I explained to him that if I could get up off the gurney I would hug him. He informed me that the surgery went well and I was out of the hospital the next day and returned to work in 4 weeks.

A few years later the pain started to return. This time it was the disc above the first one that was operated on. When I went to Dr. Song he suggested a relatively new surgery called the XLIF procedure. This would fuse L3, L4, and L5 permanently. It is basically a high tech way to fuse the vertebrae. It is a minimally invasive approach to fusion. 24 hours after the procedure I was home and 6 weeks later I was back to work. Once again, as soon as I came out of anesthesia I could tell the procedure worked. I am pain free now and once again I have Dr. Song and his wonderful staff to thank for giving me my life back.

Dr. Song’s abilities as a surgeon are second to none and he has an uplifting and positive bedside manner. His staff has always went the extra mile in helping me solve any issues that arose and they all did it with the same positive and uplifting attitude as Dr. Song. They treat you like an old friend instead of some file name. I could never thank them enough for all they have done.”
Alan Williams

“Dr. Song gave me my life back.”
Elfrun Trail

“Dr. Song, Thank you for providing excellent care to our patients. One patient specifically recognized you as being “outstanding.” It is a pleasure to have you on our team.”
Katie Grimm, RN, Senior Director St. Mary’s Hospital

“After living with constant neck pain for over 15 years Dr. Song has given me back my life.”
Kim Clark, Silver Springs, NV

“After years of severe back pain and after two failed back surgeries, I selected a Neurosurgeon, Dr. Michael Song, to reconstruct my back from tailbone to the base of my neck. I feel 10 feet tall and pain free today.”
Sylvia A. Roberts, Yerington, NV

“I recently had a bad fall at work that resulted in severe spinal fractures. Thanks to Dr. Song’s EXCELLENT surgical skills (and to everyone’s amazement!), I suffered no paralysis. Dr. Song is a kind and caring physician. I owe Dr. Song my mobility.”
David A. Flemming, Silver Springs, NV

“I’m at a loss for words to express our gratitude for the miracle of your saving Richard’s life. You listened to us, you cared deeply and you gave us the fighting chance that we asked for.”
Davey Paiva, South Lake Tahoe, CA

“My Primary care physician referred me to Dr. Song. A couple of my discs had disintegrated and a piece of bone was touching the nerve in my spinal column causing a constant and horrific pain. Dr. Song was so thorough and clear with the surgery options available that the decision came easily. My surgery was a huge success with the pain completely gone when I came out of anesthetic. my recuperation was short and I was back to work in less than two weeks. I am so happy that I was referred to Dr. Song.”
Deanna Duncan, Minden, NV

“Words cannot express my gratitude to you for giving me such exceptional care though such a frightening time in my life.”
Jackie Ghiggia, Truckee, CA

“Dr. Song recently gave me back my life, free of back pain. He expertly removed a painful cyst, re-aligned bulging vertebrae and removed a compressed disc in my lower back which had me in excruciating pain for several months. His positive attitude helped me spiritually as well. He was caring, kind and thoughtful before and after my surgery, reassuring me that all went well and that I would have a full recovery. I am now pain free and reassuming my daily routine.”
Carolyn Vance, Dayton, NV

“I want to thank you for relieving the most unbearable pain.”
Leslie Winkopp, Reno, NV

“I was first introduced to Dr. Song as a result of a repelling accident that resulted in a 50 foot fall onto my lower back. I had shattered my lumbar 1 vertebra and fractured my thoracic 7 and 10 vertebrae. After examining me Dr. Song found some neurological problems that, after much careful thought and deliberation, brought him to the decision that surgery was the best alternative. Dr. Song performed the surgery and I recovered and returned to a full and buy work schedule as well as an active family life within 8 weeks.

About a year and a half later, pressure from a pocket of infection collapsed my spine at thoracic 7 causing total paralysis from the waist down. The paralysis came on suddenly one Saturday morning. I do not mind saying that I was scarred at the prospects and somehow I knew my only chance was to contact Dr. Song. When Dr. Song received the message he immediately cancelled his weekend plans and rushed to the hospital. Dr. Song had me care-flighted to the hospital where he met my wife and I and immediately ha an MRI performed. After reading the MRI with my wife and explaining what the strange looking picture showed and what he must do, he met with me and gave me the facts – in layman’s terms – and sent me to the Operating Room. Dr. Song performed extremely delicate surgery to remove and clean the infection from my spine.

After surgery Dr. Song explained to my wife and me that the infection has caused the collapse of my spine – almost completely pinching the spine closed. Dr. Song was hopeful, but could not predict whether or not I would ever walk again. Because of Dr. Song’s fast action response to my call for help and his extreme skill as a neurosurgeon – Today, I am walking, working and enjoying doing things with my family.

I suppose that, as important as his great skill and wonderfully sharp mind, it is Dr. Song’s “Bedside Manner” – his ability to explain your medical situation and treatment options in such a way that you feel confident of the best possible outcome. Dr. Song knows his patients well beyond the operating table. He shows genuine empathy and understanding for both his patient’s instant medical situation and for all that surrounds it.

Dr. Song is a credit to his profession and most importantly the community he serves.”
Ben J. Gillard

“After 2 years of back and hip pain I can now play golf! Thank you Dr. Song.”
Leroy Mahan

“After my surgery, I feel like a million bucks! It was a great operation, I’d do it again tomorrow! It was really easy! The guy is really great.”
Dan Duzan

“I began having lower back problems 38 years ago. At that time I was told to wait until I couldn’t stand it anymore before even considering surgery. By fate, I found Dr. Song who could finally help me. I am able to do things I wasn’t able to do even a year ago. I’m just so grateful for what he has done for me.”
Sharron Reed