Lumbar Discectomy Post-Operative Instructions

Activity in General:

If sitting, use only a straight back chair to ensure proper support not to exceed a half hour at a time. You may increase your sitting time slowly. Lie only on a firm mattress, no couches or recliner chairs.

You may lie on your back or side, but not on your abdomen. Absolutely no bending, stooping, pushing, lifting or straining.

We encourage 2-3 naps daily, you will be tired post-operatively. Avoid housework, especially vacuuming and sweeping.

OK to cook, as long as you are not lifting anything heavier than 10 pounds. Learn proper body mechanics to maintain a neutral spine position.

Increasing pain is a red flag telling you to rest. DO NOT: Engage in strenuous activity for at least 10 weeks after surgery

1st Week Post-Operative:

May ride in a vehicle as a passenger, but no driving and no extended road trips. Keep the time in the car less than 20 minutes. Walk around in your home on a smooth, flat surface. Try to be ambulating half of the day.

You may stair climb with assistance. Do not lift anything heavier than 10 pounds.

Take pain medication as directed, don’t try to “tough it out.” You will heal quicker if you feel better.

2nd Week Post-Operative:

Make sure to make your first post-op visit. An exercise program will be discussed at your first visit.

OK to drive less than 20 minutes at a time if tolerated as a passenger. Increase your walking to 1 mile per day if tolerated well.

Light housework but still no vacuuming or sweeping.

3rd Week Post-Operative:

You may resume sexual activity if relatively pain free. Increase walking time and housework as tolerated.

If you need to lift anything, do not exceed 25 pounds and use proper body mechanics. OK to use a hot tub or spa if you are “scab free.”

4th Week Post-Operative:

Gradually increase walking to 1-2 miles daily or as tolerated. Increase driving time as tolerated.

Increase housework as tolerated. Return to work will be discussed with Dr. Song and will be patient specific.

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